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How to Read Music Notation

If you are just starting out learning piano or voice, you may feel intimidated by reading music notation or finding pitches on the piano. This video gives you all the basics along with some reasons why music looks the way it does now.

Due to the length of the video, I have provided times below that you can use to watch this in sections if you wish, or if there’s a particular topic you want to skip ahead to.

Keyboard Orientation: 0:46
Note Names 2:38
Music Notation 9:10
Clefs 15:55
Reading Notes 19:27
Intervals 28:51
Rhythm 35:56
Note Values 38:44
Measures 42:00

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Erin Philleo
Erin began her music studies at the age of 5 with piano lessons. She often sang with her family at home, and joined choirs in school. With encouragement from her parents to continue piano, she took lessons until she was 15, after which she studied on her own. After high school, she enrolled at Miami University of Ohio, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Music studying voice. She continued on at University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point to obtain her Master’s in Music Education – Piano Pedagogy, where she also studied composition under Dr. Charles Young. Erin has maintained a private piano and voice studio since 1998, while she also continues to expand her musical knowledge through performing, conferences, master classes, and private instruction.

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